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Before you learn some music basics, there are a lot of things about music that seem random, and nonsensical. It's a mystery how anyone knows what to do or when. When people play music, especially if they are improvising, it seems like magic. You can be magic too. You can learn a few basics of music language that are no harder than learning how to spell CAT in kindergarten. Then you'll understand how they are doing it. Then you practice; then you can do it too. There will be some unanswered questions at first. When you are in Kindergarten, you're ok with that. When you are an adult, you are not. Try to be ok with that. 

Music Language Basics:

Unit 1 Lessons 1 through 5:

Download PDF for music Language Basics. 

Lessons 1, 2, and 3, will be easy for anyone. You could even do this as a family activity with young children. You will make important connections. Here are the utube links for lessons 1, 2, and 3:

Note: In these videos, I used the piano keyboard image as a visual aid. One of my students reminded me that that confuses her. This is a classic example of the teacher thinking her student's brain is like the teachers brain. I am working on a better visual aid for showing the order of the notes we're working with. It's neato. I'll have that up soon. 

Unit 1 Lesson 1    (C major and G major)

Unit 1 Lesson 2   ( D, A, and E major)

Unit 1 Lesson 3   (The Magical Music Map) 

When I started recording Unit 1, I thought there would be three lessons. Then I decided to make lesson 4: how to apply this to your music making....and lesson 5: how to transpose a melody. Lessons 4 and 5 are good for people who already play some music.  I still have to record lesson 5, but here is lesson 4:

Unit 1 Lesson 4   (Why lessons 1-3 matter and how to use it) 

Unit 1 Lesson 5: In production (How to transpose a melody)

Practice Strategies:

Practice Strategies 1


Taming Unruly Fingers:

Taming Unruly Fingers Part 1